DARIEN – A Look Back

The story of Darien begins in the 1830s with the settlement of two communities, Cass and Lace, which became the city of Darien. Click the link below to learn more about Darien’s rich history!

Darien – A Look Back

Historical Locations Map

Please Note:

In 1985 the DuPage County Historical Society published DuPage Roots which was written by Richard A. Thompson and Contributors.  The book presents an overview of the history of DuPage County and includes chapters on 26 cities in DuPage County, including Darien.  The contents of this book are available online. 

Research since the book’s publication has led to the conclusion that some of the published information is inaccurate.  An updated edition of the book is awaiting publication.  The new chapter on Darien will correct the inaccuracies of the first edition. 

For an accurate summary of Darien’s history, please see the above history information complied by the Darien Historical Society.  Also, feel free to go to “About Us” to request more information.